Tuesday, March 10, 2009

woods walk

We took a wonderful walk in the woods behind our house this afternoon. Clover memorized a Spring poem last week, and she recited it for us as we walked. The boys were able to recite their Spring poem with a little help. It is one of my favorites: Trees get back their leaves/And out come birds and bees/Lambs bleat!Children shout!/That's what Spring is all about!

Clover wanted to be the photographer. She got some really sweet pictures. I love this self portrait of her with Charlotte:

I did a short shadow puppet show about Mrs. Rabbit and Mrs. Duck. They discussed their babies, and Mrs. Duck told Mrs. Rabbit about laying eggs. Then Mrs. Rabbit told Mrs. Duck about having little bunnies grow in her belly. Mrs. Duck told about how her babies ate worms and greens, and Mrs. Rabbit told about nursing her bunnies. They both talked about lining their nests with soft materials. Then Mrs. Rabbit hopped away and Mrs. Duck waddled away!

Clover handed the camera over so that she could play in the creek. The water was still freezing cold, but they stayed in for awhile. Willow was so excited to find pond skaters. He kept saying "They're babies! Baby pond skaters!"

When it got a little too cold, they jumped out and played on the bridge.

On the way home, Clover took one more picture. The kids are all so fascinated with this old tree stump. They make up so many stories about it. Today they talked about how the spiders were weaving curtains for the faeries.

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Joy said...

What sweet pictures of your kids enjoying spring! Great woods too!