Thursday, March 19, 2009

pottery and raptors

The kids painted their face jugs in pottery class this morning...

After class, we headed to the Raptor Center. We have been trying to go for the past couple of weeks, but rain has cancelled our field trip twice. The kids were so excited! Indigo and Clover both love bald eagles, Nova loves owls, and Willow loves all birds! Our Science Fridays have been about owls for the past couple of weeks, and I was so glad that we were finally going to meet the birds in real life.

We took a nice walk at the nature preserve that is on the same land as the Raptor Center. The kids climbed rocks and waded in the lake. Clover climbed the "Gnome's Hat", and said that the boys looked like ants on the "beach" below. We had such an awesome day!

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themagiconions said...

Just wanted to write to say that I LOVE the family wagon photo. How lovely to have 4 kids.