Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a full day at home

We enjoyed a really nice day at home. Clover decided to make a "show" for the boys this morning. She spent a long time setting up for _Jack and the Beanstalk_, and then acted it out with little dolls and props from her dollhouse as well as a beanstalk made from a bamboo skewer, some green yarn, and a lump of green beeswax. We enjoyed her show immensely. It was very well thought out and sweet, and she had such a good time doing it. She spent some time making felted green beans for the beanstalk this afternoon, so we look forward to a repeat performance soon!
For lesson time, Indigo and Willow are learning about the letter "R" this week. We read _The Roly Poly Pudding_ by Beatrix Potter, and they wrote R's in their lesson books. Willow also drew a beautiful rainbow, and Indigo drew a big R made up of lots of rainbow colors. We looked at the _Waldorf Alphabet Book_ and talked about our friend River (because his name begins with R). I tried to get some good pictures of lesson books, but there were always some little heads or feet or hands or heinies in the way. haha!
Nova played with his little set of rainbow stacking bowls while we talked about rainbows. He knows all of their colors now, and has so much fun arranging and re-arranging. We have a small mason jar full of marbles, and his newest game involves putting marbles in some of the cups and pouring, dumping, and sorting.

Clover's lesson work involved copying some science notes about snow into her lesson book. She had a really good time doing some snow experiments (ones that she made up) yesterday, and wanted to record them into her book. She copied a really nice Spring poem into her main lesson book and drew a beautiful picture. It was very detailed with lots of tiny birds and animals. Her goal is to have it memorized by Friday. Multiplication with carrying is something that we are working on every day right now. Clover is wonderful at math and wonderful at memorization, but the times tables have been a challenge. She made some cute flash cards, and we are working on it daily.

Clover, Indigo, and Willow bundled up and went outside in search of the biggest icicle. Nova stayed inside and helped with making a chicken pot pie for dinner. The other kids generously brought some icicles in for him to see.

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Tammy said...

I love it when my youngest daughter (seems to be about Clover's age) puts on plays for us. It's such a magical age and I love to see the world through her eyes.

You have a truly beautiful family and love for each other. ♥