Saturday, March 28, 2009


We had a very nice Saturday at home. Gma and Gpa made a special trip to Rock Hill, and we had a great time with them despite the fact that our planned activity for the day was rained out. There were moments of somewhat dry weather, and we spent most of those moments outside. Bubbles are always a favorite outdoor activity.

Daddy Tim and Gma and all of the little pixies worked really hard on this bubble bush:
During the downpours, we played with with playdough, read books, played games, and listened to music. We have been saving egg shells for a couple of weeks for a garden project, so Tim worked with the kids on filling the shells with potting soil. It was really nice to watch the rain falling while thinking about how lucky we are to have rain for our upcoming garden adventures!

When the rain slowed down again, Indigo and Willow played a nice, long game of "sink or float". They gathered up all sorts of things from the yard, guessed whether each item would sink or float, and then tested their theories. Most amusing "float" was a plain little tea light which bobbed around in the puddle. I lit them, and we watched their little flames bob up and down. It was fun!

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