Monday, March 9, 2009

co-op Monday

We woke up in time to see the sun rise this morning! The time change always confuses my kids. They were up bright and early ready to start the week.

Allison led co-op this morning, and started our meeting with watercolor painting.

While waiting for the paint to dry, we lit our Circle candle and talked about March wind. We listened to a really awesome book called _The Wind Garden_. There is a balcony outside of the classroom where we meet, and we went outside to observe the wind. Allison held up wind chimes and a ribbon. We also blew bubbles, and watched them float around a little bit.

By this time, the watercolor paintings were dry and we were ready to do the next step in making our kites! The kids glued streamers to the backs of the kites, and Allison handed out sticks for weaving through the holes in the paper.

We had lunch, and went on our nature walk. The weather was just beautiful. We walked down to the creek and let the kids dip their feet in the water.

We had such a wonderful co-op meeting. The kites turned out beautifully, and they have already been enjoyed so much!


Tammy said...

The circle time candle is so pretty. Isn't it amazing at how simple things can just be so pretty???

Nice, too, that you get to go on a nature walk afterwards!

Charlotte Area Babywearers said...

I'm glad I got to see pictures of the kids at the creek!