Wednesday, March 18, 2009

family visits

During learning time this morning, we read _The Golden Egg Book_ by Margaret Wise Brown, one of my favorite books ever. Willow drew some beautiful eggs in his lesson book, and practiced writing the letter "S" for Spring! Indigo and Nova worked on drawing a basket full of eggs. Nova mostly wanted to snuggle. They are so sweet together.

Clover read an African tribal story about Spring time and planting seeds. I would like to try to make millet muffins with her later this week. She was really interested in growing grain.
After some lovely outside play time, my grandparents came over to visit. They brought the kids some strawberries, and Grandad played hide-and-seek with Nova. When they both needed a break from running around, Mimi read _The Golden Egg Book_ to the boys.
Our library books were due, so we went to turn in the old ones and get some new ones. I found a really interesting one about frontier living. Clover is working on a model of a log cabin this week, so we are going to look at some pictures of different ones and get ideas. We had a good time climbing trees and playing outside of the library. We were also lucky enough to run into Nana, and she came over for dinner. It was a very nice visit.

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