Friday, March 13, 2009

science Friday - eggs!

Today for our Science Friday lesson, we learned about eggs. We looked at pictures of all sorts of different eggs, and talked about the differences and similarities. We learned that ostriches lay the biggest (bird) eggs and hummingbirds lay the smallest. I read the book _Albert_ by Donna Jo Napoli, and we admired the beautiful illustrations of the Father and Mother cardinals with their pretty little eggs.

Indigo and Willow drew egg pictures in their lesson books. Indigo's is an ostrich egg surrounded by grass and Willow's is a robin's nest in the branch of a tree. We have so many robins in our yard right now! I hope that we get to see some robin's eggs this Spring.

Clover wrote and drew in her lesson book, and then made a cute little sculpture of a bird and a nest with some eggs.

We spent the afternoon cooking. The boys helped with a big yummy pot of beans and greens, and Clover made cranberry chocolate chip bars for dessert. Nova loves to make popcorn, so he helped put all of the kernels in the pot and we had a snack before dinner.

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Tammy said...

That is a cute little bird and nest with eggs! She put a lot of detail into something so tiny...well done. :)