Sunday, February 15, 2009

sunday snapshot

One of my friends had to get rid of her chickens, and she was sweet enough to send them to live with us! So, we have four new chickens. They are beautiful, already laying eggs, and getting along with our old crabby chickens (for the most part). Now, besides getting lovely brown eggs we also get pastel greenish-blue eggs and white ones, too.

Tim and I worked in the garden for awhile transplanting some raspberry bushes, and pruning the huge over-grown ones. Willow, Indigo, and Clover burned more garden debris in the fire pit. Nova found a patch of chickweed in the garden, and enjoyed some "faery salad". We all love to nibble it, but it is one of Nova's favorites.

And Clover brought our Winter science project - the "carrot bush" - out onto the porch for some much-needed sunlight.
We had a nice Sunday.


Tammy said...

Your chickens are so sweet, how kind of your friend to bring her chickens to live with you!

I miss our chickens...sniff, sniff...

RunninL8 said...

I can't believe people are starting to grow stuff!!
The chickens look like so much fun!