Wednesday, February 18, 2009

seed shopping

We had the most gray, drizzly, muddy day. The kids were bouncing all morning long. After a couple of weeks of that Spring-y weather, we were all having a hard time being stuck in the house. Clover wrote a letter to her pen pal Laurel, and Indigo & Willow focused on learning about words that start with "P". We all love the _Waldorf Alphabet Book_ for learning new letter sounds. I also read an old favorite that I loved reading to Clover when she was smaller: _Potluck_. Nova asks for that one almost every morning, and was thrilled to find out that one of his favorite books had a title with the letter of the week. Indigo and Willow have also been working on learning all about the number 10. This morning, I asked them to count out ten pebbles. Indigo had a slightly more creative interpretation of the assignment: The best thing about Wednesday for Clover is art class, and the best thing about Wednesday for Indigo, Willow, and Nova is having some time to do something fun with me. We usually get a snack at Earth Fare and read books while we wait for Clover, but today I decided to take the boys seed-shopping. We have been talking about seeds and gardens for a few weeks now, so I thought that they would have fun picking out some seeds. We found organic roma tomato and organic cucumber seeds as well as two kinds of sunflowers and some birdhouse gourd seeds. I also bought onion sets. We always have a beautiful sunflower garden, and the boys were so excited to have the seeds in their hands! The nursery that we went to also had a fish pond and water garden out front, so we spent some time admiring that.

And here is the beautiful painting that Clover made today in art class:

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