Tuesday, February 10, 2009

library walk

We had another nice, warm day. The kids played outside for most of the morning, and came in for afternoon learning time. Clover copied some poetry and worked on multiplication with carrying. The boys did a little more work on Valentines. They both love to write the first letter of their names, so Indigo wrote I's on the backs of all of his hearts and Willow wrote W's on the backs of all of his hearts. Nova wanted to work with stamps, so lots of his Valentines are stamped with birthday cakes and tiny hand prints. He didn't want to use the heart stamps for some unexplainable reason.

After getting all of the Valentines into envelopes, we drove to the post office and stood in line for awhile. The kids were really good while we were waiting, so I told them that we could go on a walk around downtown before going to the library. They were all really excited. It has been a couple of months since we took a walk around downtown. They climbed all over every climb-able surface.

We walked to the cookie and candy store which is a few blocks from the library, and I let each of the kids get a cookie. We walked around for a few more minutes before going to the library for books. They definitely needed to run after eating sweets!

We picked out lots of good books. Clover was particularly excited to find an illustrated adaptation of _Hitty: Her First Hundred Years_. I'm considering reading it to the boys when she is done with it because it really is a very sweet story. Ofcourse, they got lots of good books, too. You can't go wrong with _Rickki~Tikki~Tavi_!

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Tammy said...

Hitty: Her First Hundred Years is a favorite of all of my girls. Such a sweet and lovely story...