Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today, we woke up to what looked like more (blue sky) weather for playing outdoors, but an icy wind was blowing and it didn't seem to stop for much more than a couple of seconds all day long. The plum blossoms were flying past like snow! So, we had mostly an indoors day with some short bundled-up outside play/work sprinkled in there. Clover finally got a new "wand" for her loom, and was working on a project that had been abandoned for a couple of months. When Willow showed interest in the loom, Clover made one for him out of cardboard and embroidery thread. He caught on quickly and made a beautiful green coaster for me.

Sewing was the other main project of the day. Nova started on an orange bean bag. He loves to sew even though I need to do the majority of the work. He really enjoys pulling the needle and thread, and watching the little stitches appear. Willow worked on a green pillow for the doll that I am supposed to be making for him. (Indigo & Nova want one, too.) And Clover's dear doll got a brand new dress. It has an embroidered pocket and a button in the back. Clover always amazes me with her ability to envision a project and then just make it right there on the spot. She definitely takes that skill after her Daddy.
While everyone else was inside weaving and sewing and cleaning house, Indigo was outside (bundled up in layers) helping Tim with the bus. We decided to put a more sensible door on it since we are Spring through Fall campers, and it can be pretty chilly in early Spring and late Fall. They worked for a few hours on it, and the door turned out beautifully. Willow joined in towards the end of the project...

Sundays at home are wonderful. I always wish that Tim could still be here on Monday, but I love the slow pace of projects, visitors (like PawPaw!), baking, and planning for the week ahead. Sundays get me through the rest of the week happily.

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RunninL8 said...

I'm dying to try a loom with my little one! Kids produce the most beautiful pieces off of them as evidenced by yours!!