Sunday, February 8, 2009

nature hike

We had such a lovely weekend. The weather was so Spring-like, and we enjoyed every minute of it! On Saturday, we had some friends visiting from Oregon so Tim made a big dinner and we sat by the fire until way too late. All of my kids are so magnetically attracted to fire, and Nova cannot help but attend to it constantly. He spent about an hour adding sticks and poking at it.
We all went to bed late, and slept late on Sunday morning which was really nice. We hardly ever sleep past 9:00 anymore. Tim and the kids had some early morning Boggle fun, and we had pancakes for breakfast. I wanted to get some chores done, but it was so warm and beautiful outside that I just couldn't get into cleaning up. Tim was having the same issue, so we decided to forget about Sunday chores and go for a hike. One of my dearest friends has land just North of here, and we have been wanting to check it out anyway so we decided to take a walk on her land. We got there around 1:30, and walked all over the place looking for the stream that borders the property. I thought that I knew how to get there, but we spent about an hour just blundering around before calling to ask exactly where it was. It was nice blundering around though. We had a good time walking.

The kids were so excited when we finally did find the way to the stream. It was a beautiful walk. We went skipping and shouting down the trail. The guy who lives on the land right next door told us later that we scared six deer up out of the woods!

The water was freeeezing cold, but we couldn't resist sticking our toes in it. The air was warm, and some of us even went wading a bit! The kids ran all over the place picking up rocks and sticks, climbing up the other bank and onto a big tree, and sinking their toes into the sandy mud.

The sun began to get low, and we had planned on having dinner with my mom at our house. So, we hiked back up to the bus (a nice rather steep hike!) and headed for home.

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Tammy said...

It looks and sounds like it was a lot more fun than doing chores. ;)