Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Indigo and Willow are learning the letter Q this week. I thought that it would be hard to find a story with consistent use of the "q" sound, but then I remembered _The Quiltmaker's Gift_. I absolutely cannot read that book enough. We could read it every single day and not get tired of it. It is so beautiful - the words, the pictures, the moral of the story. I just love it. Wednesday has become bread baking day, and I always encourage the boys to shape whatever letter we are learning about. They both tried, got dis-interested, and eventually made "Quail nests" with "Quail eggs" inside. Very cute.

Clover has been studying the Cherokee Green Corn Festival. We read a story about it, and talked about how the whole tribe worked together to make it happen. Clover wanted to light the smudge stick and pass it around while we talked, so I let her do that. She remembered lighting the smudge last time we talked about Native American people, and the boys were delighted to have something (even slightly) on fire first thing in the morning. We sang a healing chant for all of the friends that we know with chicken pox, the flu, and stomach viruses. It was very sweet. After learning time and lunch, we had several errands to run. By the time we dropped Clover off at art class, the boys were ready to jump through the roof. They needed to get out and run!! It was almost sixty degrees (which I still consider pretty cold), but we decided to visit the playground anyway. I wrapped Nova up, and I tried to keep Indigo & Willow wrapped up but they wanted nothing to do with that. I really like the little playground that we went to. It was very simple with just a few swings, some monkey bars, and slides. There was also a big field to run around in right beside the playground.

A beautiful view of the sky from way up on the monkey bars...


Tammy said...

Those are some pretty big smiles on their faces! I love it! :)

RunninL8 said...

A great book and such a rich full day!!!! ~sigh..