Thursday, February 26, 2009

pottery and birthday party

Clover, Willow, and Indigo started a pottery class at our local community center this morning. It was so strange to have all three of them in a class while Nova and I had time to ourselves. He was delighted to have playground time with me.
I was so impressed with what the kids created in just one hour! They made face jugs. From left to right: Wendy, Peter Pan, and Captain Hook... Nova was really, really happy to see the kids when they got done with class. The boys needed to run around and around the playground as soon as they got out of class, but Clover was flattered by his attention. We went to a double birthday party at the park this afternoon. Our friend Blake is seven now and Lela is four years old. We sang "happy birthday" and ate cake and played. We also had a really nice walk down to the goose pond.

We made wet felted juggling balls for Blake, and Clover made a peacock wand for Lela. Willow decided to give one of his homemade beanbags to Lela, too, because he wanted her to have more than one thing. She is definitely the cutest little four-year-old around!!


Tammy said...

I LOVE the peacock wand!! We have a couple of peacock feathers hanging around here, but all we've ever used them for is to play with the cats. Maybe I should do something constructive and make a peacock wand!

Love the Peter Pan pottery characters, by the way... :)

Charlotte Area Babywearers said...

That was a fun day, and all the girls slept well that night. My favorite part was the kids in various states of undress in the water.

Lela loves the wand, and the bean bag (and ball that Nova gave her) are in her new market basket.

The pottery is beautiful - what nice creations.