Tuesday, February 3, 2009

random cute pictures

Most of our bird feeders are hanging outside of the kitchen window. The kids love to sit in the kitchen sink and watch the birds eat. Last weekend, Tim and Indigo spent most of the day working on this beautiful gate for our garden. Willow joined them to do a little work on the shed. They are so happy when they are working with Tim. I wish that he could be home more often. While they were working on that, Nova helped me sweep the front porch with his little broom. My brother sent it to him for his Winter holiday gift, and it is quite possibly the cutest little broom ever. Jay ordered it from Palumba which is one of my favorite toy catalogs. Everything on their website and in their catalog is beautiful. And while we're on the topic of wonderful toys, here is the most loved, most used, best toy ever: a rope swing made and hung up in the tree by Daddy Tim. I just love moments like this when all of the kids are sitting together peacefully reading or playing with each other. I'm glad that our family has these moments often even though we have our share of craziness as well. Clover was taking pictures this afternoon, and got a few really good ones of Nova in his new favorite article of clothing - my scarf! She is a good photographer!!!


من أجل التمكين said...
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Tammy said...

I love random blog posts! It's so fun to get a peek at the ordinary day stuff of families. Kind of makes me feel like we are all in this together, and though we all have so many differences we are truly an awful lot alike. :)