Monday, February 23, 2009

co-op Monday

Nova and I were up at 7:30 making carrot cranberry muffins. I always forget that we are not allowed to have peanut butter at the facility where we have co-op. On Monday mornings, I want to pack peanut butter and honey sandwiches because they are quick and easy, but I inevitably end up making muffins or some other such thing because I don't like to bring mayonnaise-y or meat-y stuff for our snacks. I should just get a little cooler, and make my life easier. It can be fun to make early morning muffins though.

Despite my unplanned baking project, we made it to co-op right on time. The kids were really happy to see everyone, and they immediately began to run around wrestling and being loud. They calmed down to hear about Tanya's class topic - owls. My kids love owls so much. They loved the story that Tanya read, _Owl Moon_, about a child going out into the Winter night to look for owls with his father. We also did some owl fingerplays and pretended to be owls flying around looking for supper (delicious mice!).

The craft for today was really fun. The kids glued O-shaped cereal on for eyes, a yellow triangle for the nose, instant oatmeal for belly feathers, and pieces of pinecone for the wing feathers. When we got home, everyone wanted to make a big branch for the owls to sit on. I sketched a branch with some twigs onto newsprint, and the kids colored it with brown crayons. We cut it out and taped it to the wall. Indigo, Willow, and Nova were feeling so proud of that branch! I taped their owls onto it one by one as they told me the names of the owls and little stories about each one. Nova named his Stellubu, Indigo's owl is Cheerio, Willow's is Violet, and Clover's is Lichen. I love it when crafts turn into stories and games.
And I love Monday co-op!!!

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Tammy said...

What fun!

My youngest daughter absolutely loves owls, too. :)