Friday, February 6, 2009

finger knitting

I have been wanting to teach Indigo and Willow how to finger knit for a couple of weeks now. I finally got the opportunity tonight after dinner and bath time. The kids looked so cute finger knitting in their pajamas! Willow caught on really fast. He is always interested in that kind of thing, and he really wanted to learn. Indigo took a few minutes longer because he is easily frustrated if he doesn't instantly understand something. Within about thirty minutes, they were both finger knitting experts.

Clover, the queen of finger knitting, impressed the boys by sitting on the back of the couch making a long rope from some thick pink yarn that I had left over from a project. She has big plans to turn it into a huge rose by knitting it into a spiral shape and using a long pipe cleaner for the stem. Nova wanted to get into everyone's project, but he isn't quite ready to sit down for a lesson in finger knitting. He really wanted to knit "something real" on my sharp little size 4 needles. I tried to help him cast on a couple of times just so that he could play with yarn and needles, but he was really impatient. He ended up just walking around with the needles in his hands.
Nova also kept encouraging Panda to finger knit. He even gave her a ball of yarn, but she just wouldn't cooperate.


Tammy said...

Fingerknitting is awesome, it's so easy for kids to pick up on. My girls all fingerknitted long ropes and then we bought wooden jumprope handles to make them into jump ropes.

Erin said...

That is such a good idea! Where did you find the jump rope handles?