Thursday, April 2, 2009

craftiness & gardening

Today was the last day of pottery class. The kids glazed their birdhouses which I will pick up one day next week, and brought home their beautiful "snakes and snails" work.
After displaying their pottery on Daddy Tim's desk (so that he would be sure to see it the moment he walked through the door), we sat at the table and did some lesson work. Clover is studying earthquakes and volcanoes this week. We checked out lots of books from the library yesterday, and she has been busily taking notes and finding major fault lines on our globe. She has plans to make a volcano tomorrow if the weather clears.

Indigo, Willow, and Nova listened to a really cute book called _Umbrella_ in honor of U week. It was the perfect day for umbrella play, but no one was interested. We sat inside and watched the rain, and talked about the loveliness of umbrellas and how rain can make music. They also wrote letters to Uncle Jay on some watercolor postcards that they created yesterday.

I was knitting during most of lesson time, and Willow started to feel a little inspired about learning how to knit. I cast on for him, and taught him the knitting rhyme: "In through the front door, run around back, peek through the window, jump off, Jack." He was actually catching on a little bit, but got bored with it quickly. Clover took this cute picture of me trying to help him figure out how to put the yarn behind the needle.

When the rain slowed to a drizzle, Clover decided to work on a gardening project that she has been thinking about for awhile now. We bought a white pumpkin from the farmer's market last October. I have had it sitting on my counter this whole time, and it just started to show signs of decay last week. So, Clover cut it open, scraped the seeds out, washed them, and laid them out to dry. The really interesting thing is that she found four seeds inside of the pumpkin that had already begun to sprout. They had little root systems, and were beginning to open up and show leaves! Clover planted them in some of our eggshell planters. We're all really excited to see what happens. I would love to have a white pumpkin patch!

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