Saturday, April 4, 2009

science Friday

We have been studying earthquakes and volcanoes all week long. All of the kids are fascinated with the idea of the volcano. We decided to find a sandy place and build one of our own. All of the necessary materials were gathered, and we headed for one of our favorite playgrounds.

Clover built the volcano with lots of wet sand and shells. She put baking soda and a little bit of liquid soap into a bottle, stuck it into her "volcano", and added vinegar. Everyone was pretty impressed with that. It looked like a foamy little volcano. But the real excitement came during round two of volcanic explosions... This time, she put all of the ingredients into the bottle, shook it a bit, and put the cap back on the bottle. As pressure built, it blew some bubbles and then flew into the air and landed in the lake!! Everyone clapped and cheered.

Ofcourse, there was still plenty of time for bubble blowing, duck feeding, see-sawing with Aunt Klue, and wading.

Another fun Science Friday!!!

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