Monday, April 13, 2009

locks of love

As we were Spring cleaning this year, Clover decided to give away some of her clothing to a local Women's Shelter. She has a very hard time parting with her things, and I am so proud of her for being able to give to charity. Her giving opened up a large discussion in our family about ways to give and things to give, how good it can feel to give, and how it opens up space for the new - not necessarily new "stuff", but new space (both in the physical and the mental realms).

Part of our discussion included my decision to donate hair to Locks of Love when I was twenty years old. Clover was totally fascinated by the idea of giving away hair. We looked at some pictures on the Locks of Love website about donating, and made a plan to give up our braids. This weekend, we followed through....

Goodbye braids!!

Hello short, fun, Summer-y hair!!


Blue Harvest Mama said...

WOW! What a beautiful gift to give, you and Clover look so MARVELOUS in your new carefree fresh styles... I'm sure you are going to love it during the long dog days of Summer ahead ;-)

RunninL8 said...

This is so great !!! My daughter cut her long hair for locks of love when she was 10! You guys look so cute with your short cuts!