Monday, April 13, 2009

easter egg hunt

We spent Easter in Charleston with our wonderful friends, the Fun family. As usual, we had so much fun!

There was an egg hunt on Sunday. My kids were thrilled to celebrate Spring all over again. They got some special treats (including the much-loved egg candles), and spent lots of time running and jumping around!

Nova spent as much time as possible on the trampoline. I wish that we had one in the backyard. I jumped with the kids several times over the weekend, and loved every minute of it. Best family toy ever...

Sunday afternoon was beautiful and sunny. We headed for the beach. The wind was so chilly, but our crazy kids took a dip in the tide pools anyway. It was just too hard to resist. The Ocean always makes my heart beat a little faster. I just love the sound of it, the smell, and especially the beautiful sight.

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