Sunday, April 26, 2009

gardening Sunday

Tim and Clover started working on these raised beds last week. Clover is doing her carpentry block for 3rd grade, and this was a perfect project. She learned how to use a couple of power tools, and also learned some basic things about measuring, cutting wood, and project planning.

Today, we planted some seeds in those beds: lots of sunflower, zinnias, cosmos,and shasta daisies.

Tim got the majority of our vegetable garden tilled, too. Luckily the bean teepees are already built over the strawberry patch, so we only have to build new structures for the cucumbers and zucchini. The kids helped roll out large pieces of brown paper and we began the process of covering the paper with mulch. These will be the "walking trails" in our garden. Hopefully it will cut down on crop damage from little feet. We also tied some of the raspberries to the fence. I can't wait for those to ripen!

Ofcourse, we didn't work all weekend long. There was plenty of play in the sprinkler and swinging on the swings, and balancing acts of all sorts.

In the midst of all of our work and play, I finally finished this little hat that I have been working on for way too long now!! I can't wait to put it in the mail this week for a sweet little baby boy!

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