Saturday, April 18, 2009

sheep shearing day

We enjoyed a beautiful day at Brattonsville, a historic plantation in our community. Today was all about sheep (and cute little lambs!) and wool.

Our friend Asa let us pet an adorable three-week-old lamb. It was so soft and fuzzy!

We watched an old fashioned sheep shearing. Clover and Tim watched from start to finish, but the boys wanted to wander a little. We checked out the horses and some chickens and roosters. We visited with Asa's sister Ruth and mama Colleen.

We also watched carding, spinning, and weaving.

After all of the wool related activities, we took a walk around some other parts of the plantation. Nova made friends with this cat.

I love how Brattonsville always inspires lots of interesting play. The kids dressed up as soon as we got home, and played "pioneers" for the rest of the evening.


RunninL8 said...

What a fantastic event! For over a year now I've been trying to pput together a lifecyle of wool type study for Lo-From sheep to sweater, so to speak. I've got every angle taken care of except the sheep shearing! I can't seem to find ANYONE around willing to let us come and watch! :(
I've realized we'll just have to rely on YouTube!!!

Culture & Heritage Museums said...

Loved your post. So glad you could come out and join us. Please let us know if you have any ideas on how we can improve the event. We would love to hear your feed back! Your pictures are really great and was wondering if you were on Flikr if you wouldn't mind posting them to the Historic Brattonsville group. I've included the link if you'd like to take a look at some of the other photos being shared.