Wednesday, April 22, 2009

busy day

We started the day with baking. Clover wanted to experiment with a new cookie recipe, and the boys worked on zucchini bread. I love Nova's egg-cracking technique. He whacks it on the side of the bowl and few times and then just crushes it in his hands. How does the eggshell always manage to stay out of the egg?? (magic)

For our learning time today, Clover wrote a very sweet story called "Brownie Magic" about a mischievous little brownie named Pipsawinkle. She also drew a picture of her ideal neighborhood, and read another story about ancient law-making. Indigo and Willow learned the letter V. We read about a magical valley, and they practiced drawing "V's". We also played a math game with bottle caps.

After grocery shopping, art class, and a short trip to the yarn shop, we came home and enjoyed some wonderful time outdoors with Daddy Tim.

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