Wednesday, April 15, 2009

just a regular old (lovely) day...

We enjoyed a nice day mostly at home. Indigo was especially involved in domestic projects. He helped make breakfast this morning. We made strawberry surprise muffins and baked bread.

The kids worked on some learning at the kitchen table. Clover wrote a paragraph about life in ancient Israel, worked on times tables, and reviewed vowels. Indigo and Willow played with the Boggle game. They took turns shaking the dice and writing down letters in their main lesson books. We also played math games with their math pebbles.

Indigo helped me wash dishes while Clover and Willow picked a tiny bouquet for me. After that, Indigo joined them outside and they all got really excited about the tiny green strawberries in our strawberry patch. We also have tiny figs, tiny plums, and very tiny raspberries. Exciting!!!

This afternoon, Clover had art class. She made a decoupaged vase, a wire & bamboo flower, a candle with flower petals decoupaged onto it, and a beautiful painted picture of a flower. Nova, Willow, and Indigo played at the park and enjoyed the wonderful Spring weather!

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