Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday co-op

For the first time in a couple of weeks, the weather cooperated and was absolutely beautiful for co-op! We had such a wonderful time. The children helped Carrie and I with starting a fire.

I love morning yoga in the woods. Look at all those little down face dogs...

We changed stories this week. Our new story about an autumn leaf being blown from her tree is so lovely and perfect for this time of year. Kate did a wonderful job leading us in our new verses and songs and telling the brand new story. Our craft was stringing felt leaves onto a piece of yarn. All of the kids chose leaves, and Clover sewed the leaf banner for our family. Nova was in charge of handing her each leaf. He did a good job with deciding on the pattern!

After lunch, we went on a little adventure. None of us knew the trail behind our new meeting spot, so it was a beautiful surprise for all of us! The kids had lots of fun jumping over the little creek, climbing the many hills, and creating a dirt slide!


Lora said...

Beautiful pics! Sad we missed the walk, Lily woulda loved the dirt slide :)

Carrie said...

Monday was excellent! The new story and verses and songs are beautiful. I think that the kids enjoyed the change of scenery, with the woodland play. I'll be arriving earlier next week to ensure that our fire doesn't fizzle out!