Saturday, October 17, 2009

apple picking

I was beginning to think that we might not make our usual trip(s) to the apple orchard this Fall. I kept waiting and waiting for the perfect Fall day, but we have had more rain and drizzly weather than in years past. So, I finally settled for a non-rainy, but very muddy and extremely cloudy day. We had a wonderful time. Most of the apples were way up high, but some were low enough for the kids to reach. They had fun running around.

There were lots of cute animals to see! The kids chased baby piglets for about an hour before realizing that catching a baby pig is nearly impossible. We tried bribing them with apples, but they would not even slow down long enough for a picture!!! I did get one of their mama pig and one of a very eager goat.

I'm planning on making atleast a small batch of apple sauce if there are any apples left at the end of the weekend!!! Fresh apples are so delicious!

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