Monday, October 5, 2009

Clover is 9!!!

We celebrated Clover's 9th birthday with all of our friends at Waldorf co-op this morning. We had so much fun, and she got some very sweet gifts. How did my little angel get to be the "big girl" all of a sudden? She has so many little girl co-op friends. They love her, and she loves them so much.

Since it was my day to lead Circle, we talked about Autumn and about birthdays. We did songs and verses, and I told the story of the giant turnip. We looked at the beautiful leaves around us changing color. We listened to the rain fall. The craft that I chose was decorating paper hats. The kids drew on them with crayons. Some of the older children wanted to learn how to fold hats, so we worked on some origami.

After craft time and lunch, we had a small celebration for Clover. Everyone brought really thoughtful gifts. (In the picture below, Charlotte is wearing the new sweater that Carrie knitted.) We had dark chocolate chip butternut squash muffins, and sang happy birthday while our friend Michael blew bubbles. Clover thanked everyone, and we went on a nature walk with Carrie and her sweet girls.

For our evening family birthday celebration, we had baked potatoes and delicious blackberry cake. PawPaw joined us for the party and brought some wonderful new books for Clover to read. We also had special visitors Aunt Klue (with balloons) and Aunt Shay (with flowers). I love these pictures of Clover with her sweet little face glowing in the light of the birthday candles and hugging her PawPaw (my Dad).

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Clover's special day!!!


Tanya said...

So sweet! I am sorry we couldn't stay. Needless to say, when we got home, the boys immediately headed for the couch and snuggled under a blanket for about an hour! I made myself a giant cup of hot tea :-)

Carrie said...

Yay, Happy Birthday Clover! Erin, you did a great job on leading the Circle Monday.


Raymora said...

Clover is such a beautiful girl!