Friday, October 9, 2009

easy, homemade toy

Earlier this week while Clover was busy with main lesson book work, the boys wanted to make paper fans. Willow found out that if you staple both ends of the fan together, it can become a "canoe"! He wanted a passenger for his canoe, so I helped with making a very simple doll.

We took a piece of wool roving, folded it over & slightly twisted the top to make a round-ish head. Then, we took square cloth scraps, tied them around the piece of wool, and tied it off with yarn. The wool and (fairly stiff) piece of cloth helped the doll to stand up in the canoe. Ofcourse, Nova and Indigo wanted a "granny", too, after seeing how much fun Willow was having. Indigo's granny went for a ride in a paper jet, and Nova's mostly stood around watching the other grannies have fun.

When Clover was done with her work, I helped her with a slightly more involved granny. This one had a more defined head and a shawl. The kids played with their grannies and canoes all afternoon! Clover and Willow made tiny paper fans and blankets for their granies, and Clover even made a teeny tiny book called "Knitting for Grannies". They are so cute!

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Carrie said...

What a cute little doll! I love how simply raised children find joy in toys like those.