Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday co-op

We had another rainy, chilly Monday co-op. Nova was feeling really grumpy and clingy, and I was wishing that he would shake that off and have a good time. He did manage to enjoy Circle, but he whined during craft time and during lunch. I am reminding myself daily that he is a three-year-old, that he will not be a three-year-old forever, and (most importantly) he is probably the last three-year-old (of my own) that I have to put up with. So........

After many deep breaths in and out, we gathered on the blankets for Circle. The kids have gotten really comfortable with our opening verses, and they were so cute about crowding around the candle for warmth. Everyone listened quietly as Tanya and Blake told the story of the Giant Turnip.

For our crafty activity, we embroidered felt turnips. Clover had a wonderful time making her turnip! She is very much able to lead herself on most sewing projects. Indigo and Willow fussed a good bit about being too cold for craftiness before running off to play in the rainy woods again. And Nova actually had a few moments of peace working on his project (with lots & lots of help from me).

After lunch, we played for a few minutes before heading for home. My kids were all in the mood for a long afternoon of play, but the weather was just not cooperating. They were really happy when we came home to a warm pot of soup and hot cocoa. Yum!

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