Thursday, October 1, 2009

beautiful Autumn day

We had such a nice Thursday. Clover did some work in her main lesson book this morning. She wrote a paragraph and drew a beautiful crayon drawing of the World Tree with the eagle at the top, the serpent gnawing at the roots, and Ratatosk the squirrel running up and down the tree. I couldn't get a really good picture, so this will have to do:

Since we have been home from our trip, we have been enjoying a long play time in our yard every single day. We were so excited to find out that the muscadines are still plentiful and very sweet. Nova put on his gold sunglasses this morning, and went out to pick some "honey grapes". He eats the juicy middle part and feeds the grape skin to Panda.

Clover did more fraction related baking this afternoon. She is so awesome in the kitchen! Nova helped make molasses cookies. Our whole house smelled ginger-y, and as usual the cookies were delicious!


Carrie said...

Clover looks so cute in her apron. My girls are excited to begin baking Autumn and Winter foods - they have special "like-Momma" half aprons this year - a gift from Gran and Pop.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is interested in learning some of your recipes. Please share when you have the time - Clover's muffins are always delicious!


Thomas Family Blog said...

So cute! Jazzy told me that was the best time ever! He really misses the boys! He is always talking about going over and spending the night with Willow!

Tanya said...

Ditto what carrie said- I am still waiting for the molasses cookie recipe!!!!