Sunday, January 11, 2009

weekend fun

The last weekend in December and the first weekend in January were both spent out of town. The kids were so excited about having a whole weekend at home! They spent all day Saturday in the backyard doing all of the fun things that we usually do on the weekend! Indigo and Willow found a long log and layed it across two posts. They pretended that they were on a horse, and then later used it as a balance beam. It was also a boat and a motorcycle and a magical stick used for flying!
Clover built a faery fort in the woods with a little help from Daddy Tim. She had an evergreen rug, a little kitchen with seashell measuring cups and her basket, a place for hanging things up to dry, a special seat for Charlotte (her best loved doll) and lots of little forest faeries to keep her company.

I enjoyed sitting by the fire with Nova. All of the other kids came over to visit with us from time to time, but Nova sat on my lap for about two hours just watching the fire and singing or telling me a little story about something. We enjoyed watching Indigo perform on our "permanent" balance beam, a 2x4 balanced over two stumps. I encourage everyone with children to put one of these in the backyard. They provide so much fun and good balancing practice!
We also watched Clover jump back and forth over the back fence to play in her faery house. Doesn't she look like a bit of a faery herself? We had candle light dinners Saturday and Sunday night. In fact, we are still using our Solstice beeswax orange candles almost every night. It is wonderful to bring a little light to this dark time of the year.

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