Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Little Acrobat

We met some friends at Discovery Place this afternoon. The kids were all really excited to see each other after our nearly month-long break from playgroup. There was also a new exhibit all about the Circus. I knew that Clover would be happy about that because her dream is to be a Cirque du Soleil performer. We were all amazed to see a real tight rope set up right in the middle of the museum. Clover immediately wanted to try it.
She also got harnessed onto this bouncy thing, and went bouncing and flipping through the air. It looked like so much fun! Indigo & Willow wanted to try it so bad, but were too short. We had to be content with watching from the ground.

Willow and Nova found this circus-music-playing musical instrument, and had a really good time playing with it while Clover finished up with her acrobatics.
Then, we visited the rain forest exhibit. Indigo is amazed by the huge boa constrictor, and loves to crawl all over the rocky place where it lives. Thank goodness there is a huge piece of glass in front of the snake, but other than that his living space looks quite natural. We took a quick peek at the sharks, and all of the kids got damp sleeves from playing in the interactive aquarium. Nova loves the starfish. I had to persuade him to leave by offering to get cookies before getting back on the train. It worked! Who can pass up a cookie? So, after a (packed) train ride back to the van, we came home and enjoyed a burrito dinner with Nana, bathtime & bedtime. Our day went by quickly and was so much fun, but I am looking forward to a peaceful Friday at home.

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