Friday, January 9, 2009


We usually do a science lesson on Friday because all of my kids love science so much. This morning, I didn't have much planned for science time, so we decided to expand on our geography lesson. We have been noticing our local "terrain" for the past week, and talking about the beautiful hills and the river that runs through our area. We decided to use red clay as a base for a topographic sculpture. Clover added evergreen twigs for trees, some pebbles for hills, a piece of blue felt for the river, and a dandelion for some of the yellow and green grasses that grow around here.
The only hard part of the project was my part. Our clay had been slightly exposed to the air, and was as hard as a brick. We softened it in warm water for about 30 minutes, but I still had to shave off strip by strip with a big knife. The boys were all completely intrigued by the process. Anything involving a big knife and a big mess is exciting for them! I encouraged them before starting the project to sculpt some little birds since part of our kindergarten science was about bird behavior. Indigo decided to make a beatiful little pinch pot and a slightly larger pot for a "Solstice tree".
Willow mostly had fun dipping his clay in water over and over, and watching it slowly dissolve. He finally put together an alien spaceship which entertained him for the rest of the afternoon. Little Nova made a duck and a seashell, but decided to smash them back into the ball of clay instead of drying them in the sun.
We had a really fun day, and we're looking forward to some weekend fun!!

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