Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 2009!!

We spent the last part of Tim's vacation from work with our dear Charleston friends, the Fun family. Tim & I knew Reva and Ary before any of us had kids. Now they have three boys with ages that match the ages of our children almost perfectly, and they are a Waldorf homeschooling family, too. They make quite the amazing little tribe when we get them all together which happens atleast four times a year.
New Year's Eve was freezing cold and windy, so we only spent about an hour at a neighborhood oyster roast before going back to the Fun house for fireworks and sparklers.
On New Year's Day, Tim & I celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary at another oyster roast! We went to Reva's Dad's house on Judge Island for oysters, black eyed peas, and greens. His home is right on the water, and surrounded by beautiful old trees covered in Spanish moss.
The kids ran around on the property, and managed to find a dirt mound to climb all over. Nova spent some time on our bus/RV because the wind began to pick up by late afternoon. We drove home with some sleepy, dirt-smudged young'uns.
On our last day of vacation, the kids spent all morning and most of the afternoon picking popping corn off of a basket full of cobs that Reva had been saving. They had so much fun piling the kernels into glass bowls and cups. When all of the cobs were picked, we let them make the popcorn over an open fire. It was the highlight of their entire trip. They are still talking about it, and making plans to grow a "field of popcorn" over the Summer. I can't wait!!

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