Tuesday, January 6, 2009

tipis & carrot cake

It usually takes a little over two hours for us to finish lessons. Ofcourse, we learn all day long every day, but two hours is about the limit for sitting down to write and do math equations, and learn social studies or science. For the past couple of days, those two hours have somehow stretched out into day-long affairs! Maybe that's just how it feels to me. I do appreciate Clover's willingness to do her work. We have struggled with that at times in the past, but right now she is very interested in her lessons. We learned about Native American tribes today with a focus on the various shelters used by different tribes. All of the children were very interested in tipis. Clover made a model of one using bamboo skewers, beeswax, a piece of felt, and some yarn.
Indigo and Willow have been listening to one chapter per day of The Winter Child by Wendy Froud. They both love it so much, and beg for more every time we read. They drew crayon drawings of the letter L into their main lesson books and made nice borders for their work.

This afternoon we all worked on making a carrot cake. Never underestimate the entertainment value of grating carrots. The boys all took turns grating for about two hours!! They kept eating lots of their carrots, and dropping a few on the floor for the dogs. This, ofcourse, made for more grating time. We finally got the cake together, and Clover made a delicious coconut cream cheese icing.
PawPaw came over for dinner, and the kids were all so happy to have a dessert (not a regular occurence at our house). They were so proud that he enjoyed something that was made by their sweet little hands.


Stephanie said...

Mmmm, with coconut cream cheese frosting!
Sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

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