Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One of my goals for 2009 is to do more handwork with the children. This is such an important part of Waldorf learning, and I have fallen short in the past. Clover will do a bunch of crafty stuff on her own, but the boys only do it if I sit down with them. We are going to try for some sort of handwork every afternoon. This week is the perfect week to start because it is going to be freezing cold outside all week long. This afternoon, I decided to teach Indigo & Willow some simple stitching. We decided to make beanbags. I let them help me fold and cut a piece of purple felt. I threaded Indigo's needle with blue thread and Willow's with green. They were so excited to get started, and did a great job! Their stitches were tiny and close together even though they were a bit crooked.

Tim got home just in time to help stuff the bean bags with some coffee beans. They are the best-smelling bean bags, and the boys are so proud of their sewing!!
Clover did two projects and helped me with the boys during the times when they were both confused about their sewing. She made a purple doll pillow for Charlotte and a tiny little dress for her doll Sunrose. She made the little doll at my friend Colleen's house last Fall by needle felting and then wet felting around a pipecleaner frame. She glued the wooden head on, used a whisp of wool for hair, and glued the acorn cap on top.
I'm so happy about our crafting!!!!!!!!!!

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