Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting Ready

I couldn't stop laughing this morning when I realized that I was baking bread and making a phone call to reserve milk (from the farm where we get milk) with a snow forecast on the brain. Are people from the South born with the bread & milk instinct? When I was a kid, bare shelves where bread once sat & bare refrigerators completely devoid of milk made the local news!! Ha! We hardly ever get snow. Its exciting. People want their staples. The funny part is that my bread day is always Monday and my milk day is usually Sunday, but I couldn't make it to the farm yesterday because we had a party for Nova who will be THREE YEARS OLD tomorrow! I hope that we get atleast a couple of inches. My kids are so excited. They played outside a bunch today. It was that weird warm-ish, very damp air that sometimes comes before snow. When the temperature started to drop late in the afternoon, they came inside for hot cocoa. We watched the little birds who were also getting ready for snow time - bulking up at the birdfeeders.
Nova spent lots of time watching his new special little friend, too. My sister gave him a beta fish for his birthday, and he loves it so much. He named it Bobby, and there is not a more cared for fish in all the world.
Clover snuggled up with Solstice while working on a birthay gift for Nova. I am strictly forbidden to post pictures of the gift until tomorrow, but it is so sweet and so thoughtful!!! I cannot wait to show it off.

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