Monday, August 3, 2009


We celebrated Lammas on Saturday, and I'm just getting around to posting about it! We had a wonderful, slow, Lammas in the garden & kitchen at home. We weeded and harvested and baked.

The kids all helped with bread baking.

We also made zucchini cranberry muffins, cucumber and cherry tomato salad, and Tim made grilled chicken (not from our garden but still local & organic)!

Clover wanted to do something crafty, so I let her use some strong thread to make a Hungarian hot wax pepper string. We are going to experiment with drying some out, but I also plan on freezing a bunch.

After gardening and cooking and playing (ofcourse) all day, we had a wonderful feast with figs for dessert that the kids picked while I set the table.

So, happy (late) Lammas everyone!!

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Carrie said...

All the bread creations are beautiful! And I hope you share a picture of the pepper "garland" when it is hung. Happy Lammas!