Thursday, August 13, 2009


During these incredibly hot days of August, we have to think of creative projects for the afternoon. It has gotten so hot that outside play is unbearable. Clover wanted to marble some paper which is really not a suitable craft for the boys, but (luckily) they were content to watch.

Marbling is a pretty simple craft, and the paper turns out so beautifully. We have a marbling kit with little bottles of marbling ink and round floater papers. Clover just puts the floater paper in, waits for it to sink & bob back to the top, and then puts a tiny drop of ink on the paper. The ink spreads over the surface of the water and she stirs it with a toothpick or blows it around. Here it is on top of the water:

When the pattern on the water looks interesting, Clover puts a piece of paper on top and quickly picks it back up. She lets it dry for a few hours. Aren't these beautiful?

We made about a dozen, but those were two of the favorites. Every time one came out of the water, the boys crowded around to look for shapes. They saw volcanoes, rainbow faeries, storms, and the full Moon.

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