Saturday, August 29, 2009

last harvest & canning

We leave for California in less than one week, and even though I am so excited about it (ofcourse), I feel a little bit at loose ends about leaving my garden. We still have lots of tomatoes, tons of hot peppers, and some butternuts still coming in for harvest. I have been racing back and forth between the garden and my packing lists and helping Tim with bus cleaning. Last Wednesday, I made the commitment to slow down and work in the garden and the kitchen for most of the day. Here is a beautiful box of some of our last big harvest of the season:

We got lots of Amish Paste tomatoes this year. They come in cute little bundles almost like grapes. We picked them, washed them, and Clover cut the tops off and the bad spots away. The boys were very amused by the process of "shocking" the tomatoes. They loved how the tomatoes' "jackets" came off so easily.

I cooked them down in the crock pot all day with salt, pepper, garlic, and bay leaves. The smell was so delicious, and now I have tomato sauce for the Winter!

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