Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mimi and Grandad

We had a nice visit with Mimi and Grandad this morning. Their yard is beautiful right now, and there are lots of birds to watch and a fig tree almost as full of figs as the one in our yard!

Nova always wants to hang out with Grandad. He got a broom from Mimi and helped with sweeping grass out of the garage.

Mimi didn't think that there were ripe figs on her tree yet because all of the outer ones were little and green. Clover, Indigo, and Willow climbed up into the middle of the tree, and brought down lots of figs for everyone. Mimi was really happy to eat a fig, but Nova was happiest of all. He loves figs!

We had a fruit salad and popcorn snack on the front porch with Mimi while Grandad rested in the house. There is always such a nice breeze on the front porch at their house.

My grandparents have lived in their house since I was five years old, and visiting them brings back such happy memories. I love to watch the kids play with them!

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renee said...

Hi there! Four little Waldorf pixies seemed like something I had to come check out! And because you wrote about your grandparents house I just had to comment. Oh how I miss my grandpa's house! It seems like something I can't get over... Sigh... I really enjoyed your Lammas post too :)