Monday, August 24, 2009

Ocean trip

Last week, Tim was working like a maniac to get the bus ready for our BIG trip. He gets a little wild when he has a big project on his hands, and converting an airport bus into an RV for six people ranks up there with some of his biggest projects ever. So.... the kids and I decided to get out of town for a little while. We visited our very good friends the Fun family. It was so nice to be near the Ocean.

Nova is such a peaceful little person when his feet are in the waves. He loves the Ocean so much, and actually cried on the last day of our visit. We spent lots of time wading and looking for treasures and feeling the salty breeze.

We spent one morning swimming at a beautiful mineral spring-fed pond on a friend's property. The water was so clear and cool. Fish were swimming around nipping at the kid's toes, and there were the most amazing dragonflies everywhere. They kept landing all over our heads and hands.

Because of Hurricane Bill brewing way out in the Ocean, there was a strong riptide advisory on our last couple of vacation days. One night after dinner, we took the kids out to the beach and let them see the huge waves. They played and ran and kicked up sand. The sound of the waves breaking on shore was so loud and beautiful - the amazing music of the sea.

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