Friday, July 31, 2009

random fun garden shots

The children call these faery lanterns. They are so beautiful. We always have some in the yard during July and August. They are just like little green paper lanterns.

This little tiny fruit/pumpkin/gourd is now growing from the mystery vine. My guess is gourd.

This beautiful poke plant is growing right beside our porch stairs. It makes me so sad when people pull these "weeds". They are such wonderful herbal allies in certain situations. Feel blessed if they grow around your house! They hold anti-cancer energy in their roots. The berries make a wonderful ink. I will post pictures when we make ink in the Fall.

Nova found this springy spiral vine on the butternut squash which has decided to hop the garden fence and come out into the yard.

Our first tiny dipper gourd...

The children spent a long time visiting with this amazing cicada. They love bugs!


Tan Family said...

I love how your children like the bugs! Can't wait to see more info. on poke berry ink. I think that we have some of these plants popping up in our yard. I wasn't sure if I should pull them out...they are pretty! After reading this post, I think that I will leave them in. :)

Blue Harvest Mama said...

Is that "weed" a poke berry plant? My mom and step dad have a FORREST of poke berry plants that are over 5'6'' tall! They're HUGE! I'll try to take a picture of them. The peafoul like the berries, but they are poisonous for many of the critters. I've heard you can make Poke Salad out of the leaves, but it requires some major prep work and cooking get it to the non-toxic state. I never heard of it's cancer fighting properties, good to know. xoxo

Aimee said...

Those faerie lanterns are called Tomatillos. Under the paper lanterns once they are bigger are these little citrus type tomatoes. We make a pico de gallo salsa with them, anaheim peppers, tomatoes, cilantro and onions. Sprinkle a little lime juice on the top. Sooooo good!!

Stumbled across your blog on MDC I think it was, and love it!!