Thursday, July 16, 2009

mountain trip

I took the kids to visit my dear friend Charlotte earlier this week. We had such a wonderful time. I always feel such peace and contentment when surrounded by the beauty of the mountains. We were glad to get home yesterday, but we have all had a hard time adjusting to the much warmer weather and the lack of lovely scenery!!

We spent lots of time playing at the pool. I sunbathed for the most part because the temperature never got above 80 degrees, and I really need HOT weather to enjoy a swimming pool. The kids wanted to get in constantly!

We visited the Nature Center one afternoon, and enjoyed seeing two playful black bears, deer, bobcats, wolves, a very cute otter, peacocks, alpacas, and a beautiful butterfly "room". The kids were so delighted when the butterflies landed on them!

Ofcourse, we also just enjoyed some time relaxing at Charlotte's house. All of the kids loved her sweet little dog. Clover read while patting Kahlil's belly each morning. The quiet morning time with the cool breezy air and beautiful white clouds over the mountains was wonderful.

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Blue Harvest Mama said...

Care to make another trip? :) We're really close to the end of the construction and we should be wrapped up by the end of July. FINALLY!