Monday, June 29, 2009


My friend Vickie and her family moved to Texas over a year ago, and left Mia the nine-year-old cat with us. Sadly, Mia wasn't too excited to live with us. She ran off into the woods the very first day that we had her, and I thought that we would probably never see her again. I always put out food just before going to bed, and there were times when I would catch a glimpse of her eating. We have enjoyed her presence because she loves to catch mice, and there are plenty to catch around here because of the large field beside our house.

This weekend, for the first time ever, Mia decided to accept us. She just came meowing out from under the fig tree, and let us pet her. I gave her a little bowl of milk, and she purred and purred and looked so happy. Now she hangs out by Clover's bedroom window all the time waiting for some attention.

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Lisa said...

Cats are the funniest creatures. We have a stray that visited us this winter; actually I think she is a barn cat that lived down the street from us. She is way too chubby to be a stray....anyway she has not gone back to her previous home. She has adopted us now and won't leave. We leave food and water out for her and give her a lot of attention. She seems to have a 20 ft. boundry around our garage which she won't leave. Now she wants in our house, we already have 3 cats in the house and an allergic husband. So right now she is to reamin our outdoor cat, it's just funny to me that she has choosen us. Good luck with Mia, 2 of our indoor cats are fuzzy black cats too. Very friendly and social type of cat.

Geez, sorry about the ramble!
Lisa :)