Thursday, June 11, 2009

creek walk

We have semi-officially stopped with homeschool lessons. I need a break, the kids need a break, and we have so many garden projects going on right now that we just don't have time for "official" learning. We learn all the time anyway, ofcourse.

Thursday is Creek Day. We have a beautiful creek where we meet friends, have a picnic, and play. Sometimes we walk a trail. Sometimes we don't. Today, the kids kept having "adventures". They walked along the creek through a tunnel that goes under one of the trails, and then walked a little further up to see what they could discover. What they found would have been even more especially nice if their dear Mother (haha!) had remembered a change of clothes. They got soaked!!!

In other wonderful late Spring news, we are getting tons of raspberries now. Clover made some delicious muffins. I picked up cornmeal today, so we will probably have raspberry cornbread at some point over the weekend. Yum!

I cannot say it enough: I LOVE berry season!


Tan Family said...

I love the idea of "creek day"! Enjoy the berries. Yum!

karenjane said...

creek day sounds like great fun! reminds me of my cousins place when we were young, they had a creek at the back of their property. we used to have lots of adventures and often left sopping wet (even in winter!)