Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Clover has been in a sewing mood for the past couple of days. She has a book, "Green Crafts for Kids", with some templates in the back. A couple of the patterns are really cute. Yesterday, she asked Willow to help with making a "sock dachsund". He was happy to be included in the project, and even sewed a little green lavendar pillow for "Cutie" (the sock dachsund) to sleep on...

This morning, she decided to work on a bunny hand puppet. I helped with tracing and cutting out the pattern, but Clover stitched and then decided to stuff the puppet. It turned out to be a very cute bunny doll made from one of Clover's old t-shirts. Mimi brought her sewing scissors over mid-project because mine were obviously dull from all of the cloth-cutting that we have been doing recently!

We also decided to add a few more things to our toad houses this afternoon. Indigo was so excited about using the glue gun! He had all sorts of plans for his toad house. Everyone took turns with using hot glue. They were all very careful, and we only got (very slightly) burnt a couple of times. I was so reluctant to even let them try it, but as usual they were amazingly careful and they did such a nice job with it.

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