Monday, June 22, 2009

baby blessing

On Saturday, we had a Summer Solstice potluck with our homeschool co-op friends. It was so much fun. The best part was that the newest member of co-op was able to come for her baby blessing. She is so cute and sweet. It was beautiful to see all of the children so filled with excitement to see her!

We sang our Circle song as we circled around Tanya and Makenna. Then, all of the kids sat down and listened to a book called _On The Day You Were Born_.

When the story was done, everyone came forward and gave a hope, wish, or blessing for Makenna. They wet their fingers with rose water and rubbed a little on her head. She was very sweet and agreeable for the whole thing!

As an end to the ceremony, Makenna's three big brothers rubbed lavender cornmeal onto her feet (for grounding to the Earth). Nova helped a little, too.

All of the kids ran straight from Makenna to the Sun egg pinata. Carrie and her girls made it, and stuffed it with lots of good health food store candy. A fun time was had by all...

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