Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day/Summer Solstice

What a beautiful coincidence that Father's Day coincided with Summer Solstice. All of that male energy on one day...

We had a very nice lunch with my Dad and sisters. Clover helped with making ice cream and Willow made a recipe called zucchini moons from his cook book, _Pretend Soup_.

Indigo and Willow took a walk in the woods with Tim, and the kids all worked on this very beautiful project with him. They put the ferns between glass, and then framed the glass with wood and put it in the bus as the hinged door for CD storage.

We shared a delicious watermelon and some backyard water play. Nova's favorite food is watermelon. He was more excited about eating that than the ice cream.

And a very special Solstice and Father's Day gift from the Sun, the sunflower in Clover's garden opened all the way up! How beautiful!!

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